2022 Sponsors


IBM is the global leader in business transformation through an open hybrid cloud platform and AI, serving clients in more than 170 countries around the world. Today 47 of the Fortune 50 Companies rely on the IBM Cloud to run their business, and IBM Watson enterprise AI is hard at work in more than 30,000 engagements. IBM is also one of the world’s most vital corporate research organizations, with 28 consecutive years of patent leadership. Above all, guided by principles for trust and transparency and support for a more inclusive society, IBM is committed to being a responsible technology innovator and a force for good in the world.

For more information about IBM visit: www.ibm.com.


F5 NGINX is the company behind the popular open source project, NGINX. We offer a suite of technologies for developing and delivering modern applications. Together with F5, our combined solution bridges the gap between NetOps and DevOps, with multi cloud application services that span from code to customer.


Gravitee.io is the leading open source API platform, enabling worldwide developers and business users to build, manage and monitor their APIs. As a team we are driven by the purpose of giving customers effortless control over their growing API ecosystem and a strong belief in the ethos of open source. By understanding customers’ connectivity challenges and anticipating their needs, we provide the most intuitive platform for end-to-end API Lifecycle management.



Foxit delivers PDF products and services to help customers create high-quality PDFs, collect and create legally binding eSignatures, convert documents on an enterprise scale, and incorporate PDF technology into custom applications.


APIs: Profit or Peril?
APIs can help you accelerate your business with new digital channels and personalized customer experiences that capitalize on your existing data and services while delivering innovative new capabilities. But as APIs proliferate, you’ll need a way to govern and protect them and the data they expose. webMethods API Management enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of planning, designing, developing, securing, monitoring, and sharing APIs for developers, partners and customers. We provide scalability and resilience, central visibility, and an ecosystem of connectivity to speed time to market. With webMethods, businesses are ready to tackle the next generation of digital transformation challenges.


Toptal is an elite network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology that enables enterprises to scale their teams on demand and quickly adapt to innovative technology and disruptive competition. We provide access to top companies, a community of experts, and resources that can help accelerate your career.



With 42Crunch you never let unsecure APIs reach production. Our unique developer-first API security platform enables developers to build and automate security into their API development pipeline and gives security teams full visibility and control of security policy enforcement throughout the API lifecycle. Deployed by Global 2500 enterprises and over 450,000 developers worldwide, 42Crunch enables a seamless DevSecOps experience to scale API security. Shift-left and shield-right with 42Crunch to reduce your governance costs and accelerate the rollout of secure APIs.

Visit https://42crunch.com to learn more and sign up to the industry’s #1 online API Security community newsletter at https://APIsecurity.io.

InfluxData is the creator of InfluxDB, the leading time series platform. We empower developers and organizations, such as Cisco, IBM, Siemens and Tesla, to build real-time IoT, analytics, and cloud applications with time-stamped data. Our technology is purpose-built to handle the massive volumes of data produced by sensors, systems, or applications that change over time. Easy to start and scale, InfluxDB gives developers time to focus on the features and functionalities that give their apps a competitive edge.


Moesif provides product insights into how customers use their APIs and tooling to build better developer experiences. Moesif’s customers span financial, healthtech, logistics and enterprise software, all heavy adopters of API-first strategies, and include both fast-growing startups like Tomorrow.io and Symbl.ai, as well as large enterprises like Deloitte and UPS.


Picsart is a photo and video editing platform and creative community. A top 20 most downloaded app worldwide, its AI-powered tools allow creators of all levels to design, edit, draw and share content anywhere. The platform has amassed one of the largest open-source content collections in the world, including photos, stickers, backgrounds, templates, and more. Used by consumers, marketers, content creators and businesses, Picsart is used for both personal and professional design. Picsart also offers its world class image editing and processing tools to businesses through APIs and an SDK.

Download the app or visit picsart.com for more information.

ThreatX’s API protection platform makes the world safer by protecting APIs from all threats, including DDoS attempts, BOT attacks, API abuse, exploitations of known vulnerabilities, and zero-day attacks. ThreatX’s attacker-centric behavioral analytics capability secures APIs from advanced security threats across cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments. Our multi-layered detection capabilities accurately identify malicious actors and dynamically initiate defensive action to protect known, rogue and zombie APIs.


Modern applications are extremely hard to secure and protect. Micro-services, APIs, and cloud services are complex and continuously change. Traceable AI enables security to manage their application and API risks given the continuous pace of change and modern threats to applications. Traditional security solutions like Web Application Firewalls are too static and too slow to react and respond with new rules to constantly changing applications and changing threats. Traceable AI applies the power of machine learning and distributed tracing to understand the DNA of the application, how it is changing, and where there are anomalies in order to detect and block threats, making businesses more secure and resilient.


APILayer is a curated API Marketplace trusted by over 1 million developers for secure and scalable REST APIs.

We provide a centralized user experience in a highly fragmented provider ecosystem enabling implementation of API functionality in as little as 10 minutes. As companies search for ways to improve time-to-market, consolidating API data and service providers through a unified marketplace will eliminate the operational overhead associated with contracting with multiple API vendors.

The company’s marketplace offers both free and paid solutions in categories such as Finance, Natural Language Processing, Web scraping, Security and more.

In addition to providing access to high quality proprietary APIs, the APILayer marketplace also enables developers to market and monetize their own APIs.


For almost 14 years, AWS has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS offers over 175 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, networking, analytics, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), security, hybrid, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), media, and application development, deployment, and management from 77 Availability Zones (AZs) within 24 geographic regions. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs.

To learn more about AWS, visit aws.amazon.com.

Cortex enables engineering teams to organize critical information about their microservices like ownership, documentation, and dependencies. Teams use this information to grade the quality of their services based on their production readiness, security compliance, and more and ultimately drive adoption of the developer best practices that will enable them to deliver great products to their customers.


Kong creates software and managed services that connect APIs and microservices natively across and within clouds, Kubernetes, data centers and more using intelligent automation.

Built on an open source core, Kong’s service connectivity platform enables digital innovation by allowing organizations to reliably and securely manage the full lifecycle of APIs and services for modern architectures, including microservices, serverless and service mesh.
By providing developer teams with unprecedented architectural freedom, Kong accelerates innovation cycles, increases productivity, and seamlessly bridges legacy and modern systems and applications.

Developers, DevOps engineers and solutions architects at organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises use Kong to effectively secure, connect and orchestrate APIs within modern architectures to help meet evolving demands for scalability, performance and flexibility.

For more information about Kong, please visit https://konghq.com or follow @thekonginc on Twitter.

Linx LLC is a US-based company founded in 2020. Our vision is to “Build a platform that enables technology-savvy organizations to reimagine speed, scale, and agility to improve productivity and cultivate innovation.” Our mission is to “Eliminate waste in the end-to-end development process and provide everyone with a much accessible, faster, cheaper technology platform to bring their ideas to product more quickly.” Our first flagship product, apiplatform.io, is a cloud-agnostic, no-code, Platform that focuses on enabling organizations to build and integrate APIs at a revolutionary speed. In addition, the Platform provides a fully automated and highly configurable self-service capability.

We are an early-stage but rapidly growing start-up. In our two years of operation, we conservatively had a run rate of approximately $1M per year with a trajectory to exceed that. We have expanded from two to 30 employees, from two to five international locations, covering four continents. Our customers are excited about the Platform and are steadily trusting us to build their products. We have customers from a wide range of sectors, including Fintech, e-Commerce, and Edtech, with approximately 20,000 APIs being developed and about 100 developers using the Platform.


Sauce Labs is the company enterprises trust to deliver digital confidence. Sauce Labs delivers a 360-degree view of a customer’s application experience, helping businesses improve the quality of their user experience by ensuring that web and mobile applications look, function, and perform exactly as they should on every browser, OS, and device, every single time. Sauce Labs enables organizations to increase revenue and grow their digital business by creating new routes to market, protecting their brand from the risks of a poor user experience, and delivering better products to market, faster.


Smarty is the three-time heavyweight world champion of location data intelligence. As the value-leading, easiest major provider to do business with over the past decade, companies like Microsoft, Netflix and NASA use Smaty’s APIs to verify, validate, enrich, standardize, geocode, and auto-complete addresses at blazing speed.


Symbl.ai is a Conversation Intelligence (CI) platform for developers to build and extend applications capable of understanding natural human conversations at scale. Our comprehensive suite of products enable developers to easily build and deploy intelligent speech-to-text functionality, extract contextual insights, generate domain-specific insights and intelligence, and access advanced conversation analytics.
Symbl.ai’s CI platform is domain agnostic, requires no up front training, and all capabilities are accessible through comprehensive APIs. Developers can rapidly integrate and deploy CI-driven apps and experience at scale across any vertical and use cases. All CI capabilities can be applied across video, audio and text channels, in real-time or asynchronously.
Symbl.ai eliminates the complexity of building and maintaining conversation understanding systems so developers and businesses can focus on building intelligent and delightful experiences within their own products.


APIs are the most vulnerable entry point of your organization and according to Gartner APIs are the number one attack vector. Wib is the first full lifecycle API Security platform, covering the entire lifecycle of APIs – development, testing and production. Wib’s holistic and integrative solution utilizes state-of-the-art proprietary AI and ML to analyze millions of requests in real-time, learn your APIs inside and out, and provide full visibility, actionable insights and comprehensive protection across the entire lifecycle.


Zoom helps people stay connected so they can get more done together. From meetings, chat, phone, and webinars to conference room systems and online events, Zoom powers all your communication needs. Our secure, reliable video platform offers a high-quality experience that is easy to manage, use, and customize.


CometChat, a global leader in Communication-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS), provides thousands of customers with a communication platform for their websites, web apps, mobile apps, and IoT. Its extensible platform seamlessly enables developers to add voice, video, text chat along with a host of other features like bots, moderation, encryption. Used by over 50,000 customers worldwide with billions of messages being exchanged per month, CometChat is loved by developers worldwide.


DreamFactory is an API generation solution for more than 20 databases and many other data sources. With DreamFactory you can connect to any data source and instantly access a full-featured, secure, and documented REST API for your projects.



DevITjobs is the first job board built with Software Engineers in mind.
The main goal of the company is to bring more transparency, openness and diversity to the US IT market.
DevITjobs is not only for Developers but for everyone working in the IT industry: Engineers, SAP and System Admins, Product Managers, QAs and UX/UI Designers!


We now live in a remote-first world and every company is in a race to find the best remote engineers. Turing’s mission is to help spin up your engineering dream team by connecting you with the world’s most elite technical professionals.

Turing’s hiring platform combines the planetary reach and AI to deliver your ideal team. Our deep matching intelligence finds the best technical professionals across 100+ skills like React, Node, Python, Golang, Angular, Swift, Java, and many more. As part of our rigorous vetting process, we also review software engineers’ technical abilities, English skills, and remote working capabilities. Turing ensures time zone overlap, transparency, and reliable communication in order to make remote development easy for you after the match.