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    2023 Sponsors


    Provide client teams with a self-service method for fetching data across any available service, without the bottlenecks. The Apollo GraphOS platform provides a developer toolkit and performant runtime for building, testing, optimizing, and securing a GraphQL API. Set up a GraphQL server and start processing queries in minutes. Ship changes early and often with tools that help prevent breaking changes, as well as optimize query accuracy and performance. As you scale, GraphOS scales with you. GraphOS is built on the Apollo Federation GraphQL spec with Apollo Router at its core. This powerful combination empowers multiple teams to add any service to a modular and federated GraphQL schema, while still providing a single API endpoint for frontend teams.

    For over 175 years, we have worked with leaders around the world—from the Global 500® to private businesses—to help them build better futures. To support their people. To succeed. All while caring for our communities.
    With a workforce made up of the industry’s greatest minds, we continue to shape the future by delivering real, measurable results. We go beyond talk—we act.

    IBM is a leading global hybrid cloud and AI, and consulting services provider, helping clients in more than 175 countries capitalize on insights from their data, streamline business processes, reduce costs and gain the competitive edge in their industries. Nearly 3,800 government and corporate entities in critical infrastructure areas such as financial services, telecommunications and healthcare rely on IBM’s hybrid cloud platform and Red Hat OpenShift to affect their digital transformations quickly, efficiently, and securely. IBM’s breakthrough innovations in AI, quantum computing, industry-specific cloud solutions and business services deliver open and flexible options to our clients. All of this is backed by IBM’s legendary commitment to trust, transparency, responsibility, inclusivity, and service.

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    Curity is a leading supplier of API-driven identity management, providing unified security for digital services. Curity Identity Server is used for logging in and securing millions of users’ access to web and mobile applications as well as APIs and microservices. Built on open standards and designed for development and operations teams, Curity is trusted by large organizations in financial services, teleco, retail, energy, and government services that need enterprise-grade API access security. is the leading open source API platform, enabling worldwide developers and business users to build, manage and monitor their APIs. As a team we are driven by the purpose of giving customers effortless control over their growing API ecosystem and a strong belief in the ethos of open source. By understanding customers’ connectivity challenges and anticipating their needs, we provide the most intuitive platform for end-to-end API Lifecycle management.

    Tinybird is the real-time data platform. At Tinybird, we enable developers and data teams to harness the power of real-time data and quickly build data pipelines and data products. With Tinybird, you can ingest multiple data sources at scale, query and shape them using the 100% pure SQL you already know and love, and publish the results as low-latency, high-concurrency APIs you consume in your applications. Developers can create fast APIs, faster. What used to take hours and days now only takes minutes. Tinybird is the indispensable tool data engineers and software developers have been waiting for.


    AxonIQ is the global leader in supplying the Axon software suite delivering the best microservices messaging platform to design, develop and run event-driven applications, architectures, and tools for building auditable, scalable, enterprise, distributed systems.

    42Crunch enables a standardized approach to securing APIs that automates the enforcement of API security compliance across distributed development and security ecosystems. Our API security testing and protection services are used by Global 2500 enterprises and over 900,000 developers worldwide. The 42Crunch API security platform empowers developers to build security from the IDE into the API pipeline and gives application security teams control of security policy enforcement from the CI/CD across the entire API lifecycle. This seamless DevSecOps approach to API security reduces governance costs and accelerates the delivery of secure APIs.

    Visit to learn more and sign up to the industry’s #1 online API Security community newsletter at

    Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ: AVGO) is a global technology leader that designs, develops and supplies a broad range of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. Broadcom’s category-leading product portfolio serves critical markets including data center, networking, enterprise software, broadband, wireless, storage and industrial. Our solutions include data center networking and storage, enterprise and mainframe software focused on automation, monitoring and security, smartphone components, telecoms and factory automation.

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    As part of the Broadcom Software solutions Layer7 API Management has been providing secure and scalable solution on-premises and in the cloud for over twenty years. Layer7 provides industry leading certified API management solutions used across all industries and environments where security is vital.

    Kong delivers a next-generation API and service lifecycle management platform designed for modern architectures, including microservices, containers, cloud and serverless. Offering high flexibility, scalability, speed and performance, Kong enables developers and Global 5000 enterprises to reliably secure, connect and orchestrate microservice APIs for modern applications. Kong is building the future of a service control platform to intelligently broker information across services.

    Sauce Labs is the company enterprises trust to deliver digital confidence. Sauce Labs delivers a 360-degree view of a customer’s application experience, helping businesses improve the quality of their user experience by ensuring that web and mobile applications look, function, and perform exactly as they should on every browser, OS, and device, every single time. Sauce Labs enables organizations to increase revenue and grow their digital business by creating new routes to market, protecting their brand from the risks of a poor user experience, and delivering better products to market, faster.

    Speakeasy’s mission is to make creating and consuming any API incredibly simple. Customers like Airbyte, Codat, ConductorOne – and hopefully you! – rely on our Fully-Managed SDKs and Terraform provider generation products to offer world-class Developer Experience to their API users. With Speakeasy, every company can offer idiomatic SDKs in eight languages (and counting!), with rich features like type safety, OAuth support, retries, and pagination included out-of-the-box. API consumers benefit from a friction-free, easy integration experience. API producers get broader, faster API adoption while driving down time-to-200, reducing eng team burden, and decreasing support costs. Talk to us at our booth!

    Software AG helps you create effortlessly connected experiences for your customers, employees and partners with an enterprise iPaaS that integrates anything, anywhere, any way you want. By bringing application, data, API and B2B integration together in the same AI-enabled platform, you can run a high-performing enterprise and constantly improve it based on data.

    Get end-to-end visibility and governance across geographies, IT environments, and complex business ecosystems, with hybrid multi-cloud connectivity, and enterprise-grade security relied on by the most powerful banks, governments, and corporations in the world.

    Trusted by the world’s best brands for more than 50 years, our technology and team of integration enthusiasts will make sure that integration is a driver of innovation for your enterprise.

    Ready to make integration really work for you? Now you can. Finally.

    A lightweight SDK for accelerated REST-based API development, see metadata for every API request with real-time API traffic monitoring, get powerful analytics and API governance features alongside API automated docs, and automated API security audits for every single request. Simplify workflows, enhance security with support for 18+ languages and frameworks for seamless integration. Empower your teams to build, ship, and maintain APIs faster. hyper-automates API creation and modernization enabling up to two-times faster workflows with up to 50% cost savings to revolutionize API transformation and integrations. is a one-stop-shop platform that allows anyone to build, launch, and manage APIs completely code-free. The platform is a cloud agnostic, self-serviceable and highly configurable solution which automates all the steps in the API development cycle.’s available solutions across the API landscape allow you rapidly create a modern, digital organization.

    APIMatic makes your API easier to adopt. We take an SDK-first approach to developer experience, auto-generating SDK and production-ready code samples with API reference docs in languages that matter to your API consumers. Challenge us to show you how easy taking an SDK-first approach is.

    FireTail is on a mission to secure the world’s APIs by making API security as simple as import, setup, done. We are passionate about helping organizations secure their APIs as they grow their cloud presence FireTail’s API security platform is a two-part solution:

    An open source code library that application owners and developers can include to provide real-time inline API call inspection and preventive controls to block malicious API calls.

    The FireTail cloud platform includes API discovery and inventory, API security posture management, and log-based detection algorithms.

    API Security. As easy as import, setup, done.

    Imperva is the cybersecurity leader that protects critical applications, APIs, and data, anywhere at scale. With an integrated approach combining edge, application security, and data security, Imperva protects companies through all stages of their digital journey.

    Imperva Threat Research and our global intelligence community enable Imperva to stay ahead of the threat landscape and seamlessly integrate the latest security, privacy, and compliance expertise into our solutions.

    Inigo is a cutting-edge, server-agnostic GraphQL platform that fulfills all your functional needs to efficiently manage GraphQL in production. Inigo acts as a powerful companion, seamlessly connecting with any existing open-source or commercial GraphQL implementation you might already have.

    In today’s development landscape, APIs are ubiquitous, yet present challenges for both API owners and consumers. Recognizing this, liblab offers user-friendly SDKs for your APIs. Our specialty lies in generating language-idiomatic client libraries; simplifying the learning, adoption, and usage of your APIs. Quality is what sets liblab apart: our SDKs boast unparalleled human readability, and up to date language-specific best practices, with low/no dependencies. Our software enables customizations for bespoke use cases, ensuring an exceptional developer experience regardless of complexity. But above all: we aren’t just providing a tool; we’re strategic partners offering our expertise in API design and development to elevate your API journey. With liblab, your team can focus on driving innovation, leaving the complexities of SDK and documentation generation in our capable hands.

    meshIQ is the industry’s first observability platform in a single pane of glass to manage and monitor complex MESH landscapes. Built for application & integration DevOps professionals who rely on Messaging, Event Processing and Streaming across Hybrid Cloud infrastructure(s), it offers complete management, control and tracking across the MESH. Trusted by some of the largest companies in the world, the platform significantly reduces the risks to application stability and performance, speeds up time to resolution (MTTR), delivers on SLAs, and improves customer experience.

    RingCentral Developers enables businesses of all sizes to take their communications to the cloud. With a suite of powerful APIs for voice, SMS/ MMS, team messaging, video, and fax – you have the power to completely revolutionize the way your business communicates. Don’t just be a developer, be a game changer.

    Salt Security protects the APIs that form the core of every modern application. Its patented API Protection Platform is the only API security solution that combines the power of cloud-scale big data and time-tested ML/AI for protection across the full lifecycle of APIs. By correlating activities across millions of APIs and users over time, Salt delivers deep context with real-time analysis and continuous insights for API discovery, attack prevention, and shift-left practices. Deployed quickly and seamlessly integrated within existing systems, the Salt platform gives customers immediate value and protection, so they can innovate with confidence and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

    Thousands of organizations, including 241 of Fortune 500 companies, use Snowflake’s Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. Wherever data or users live, the Data Cloud delivers a single data experience that spans multiple clouds and geographies. Snowflake’s platform is the engine that powers and provides access to the Data Cloud, creating a solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and data sharing. Join Snowflake customers, partners, and data providers already taking their businesses to new frontiers in the Data Cloud.

    Learn more at

    Stellate’s GraphQL Edge Caching helps enterprises reduce their infrastructure cost by up to 40%, prevents downtime even during peak traffic, and makes their APIs blazing fast globally.

    Learn more at

    TinyMCE is the #1 trusted WYSIWYG editing component, enabling rich text editing within any application. Scalable, adaptable and reusable, it powers 100M+ projects worldwide, and more than 1.5M+ developers use it to build and ship their projects faster.

    TinyMCE has helped SaaS companies, enterprises, content creators and publishers to launch, grow and scale their businesses, reduce their development and tech debt burdens, minimize ongoing support tickets and boost user productivity.

    API Management is broken.

    Zuplo is reinventing the API gateway / API Management market with a focus on Developer Experience, speed, collaboration and improving outcomes for API owners. Ship a stripe quality API in record time and bring order to the chaos of your API sprawl.

    Adhi Software is a Software Products & Services Company specializing in Software Development and Maintenance. Our Services are Application Development, Mobile Development, AI Modelling, Blockchain Development, API Integration, Business Intelligence Reports, Data Analytics and Data Migration. Our Product portfolio includes ERPmine, an Open Source ERP for Service Industries.Our primary goal is to solve IT Problems for our clients. Our Mission is to help our clients reduce their IT and overall operation cost and to improve their operation efficiency.We have been in the business since 2003 and are strategically located at SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri, Chennai, India.Software Development is our core strength. We create top notch high quality software using the state of the art tools and technologies

    Akamai secures the applications, APIs, network access, and credentials your workforce and customers use every day, at every point of interaction. Using our platform’s visibility into global threats, we work as your strategic partner, providing security everywhere you need it to innovate, expand, and transform what’s possible.

    airSlate provides a platform of solutions with everything you need to get documents done.

    airSlate solutions offer document management and creation, eSignature, and automation to help people revolutionize how their business operates. From eSignature and editable PDFs to sophisticated document workflows, we offer people a professional way to move fast, keep things simple, and only pay for solutions they need to succeed.

    Altoros is a professional software services provider that specializes in delivering fully managed solutions in various domains working with all the major tech stacks. We have 400 people spread across 7 offices in the US, Latin America and Europe.

    Cequence, a pioneer in Unified API Protection, is the only solution that unifies discovery, compliance, and protection across all internal and external APIs to defend against fraud, business logic attacks, exploits, and unintended data leakage. It takes less than 15 minutes to onboard an API and requires no instrumentation, SDK, or JavaScript deployment. 24% of Cequence customers are large Fortune 500 organizations. Cequence secures more than 6 billion daily API calls and protects more than 2 billion user accounts across these customers. Its flexible deployment model supports passive/inline, 100% on-prem, SaaS, and hybrid deployments.

    CData Software is the real-time data connectivity company. Our self-service data products and connectivity solutions provide universal access to live data from hundreds of popular on-premises and cloud applications. Millions of users worldwide rely on CData to enable advanced analytics, boost cloud adoption, streamline operations, and create a more connected business. Consumable by any user, accessible within any application, and built for all enterprises, CData is redefining data-driven business.

    Learn more at

    Contrast Security is a world-leading code security platform company purposely built for developers to get secure code moving and trusted by security teams to protect business applications. Developers, security and operations teams quickly secure code across the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with Contrast to protect against today’s targeted Application Security (AppSec) attacks.

    The Contrast Secure Code Platform defends and protects against full classes of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs). This allows security teams to avoid spending time focusing on false positives and remediate true vulnerabilities faster.

    DigitalAPICraft is a leading Product and SaaS Company in API and Cloud Engineering space. We help enterprises build their API Ecosystems rapidly and realize their ROIs from their API Programs. We help enterprises create a seamless developer experience through a strategic enterprise API Portal by addressing challenges like API discoverability, smart transactional Sandbox etc. We’re an ISV partner with Google cloud to offer enterprise-grade internal and external API portals through our strategic One APIMarketplace product line.

    Dozer is a real-time last-mile data backend for building, deploying and maintaining data APIs.

    The fastest way to build secure, internal APIs
    Instantly generate APIs from any database with built-in enterprise security controls that operates on-premises, air-gapped, or in the cloud.

    Elevate your conversations with FreeClimb from Vail. FreeClimb from Vail helps companies realize exceptional customer experiences via the industry’s most intelligent, scalable communications platform built on more than 30 years of continuous innovation and engineering expertise.

    Impart – the Integrated API Security solution. Impart’s cloud based solution installs in minutes into any environment or workflow and is the only solution to offer native monitoring, firewall, and testing capabilities directly in a single platform. Discover your entire API inventory, detect and respond to security risks, and protect APIs in real time using runtime API activity and developer activity in CI/CD.

    OpenText™ is The Information Company. We power and protect information to elevate every person and every organization to gain the information advantage.
    A leader in global Information Management, OpenText offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions across content, business network, digital experience, security, application modernization, operations management and developer APIs. OpenText solutions help customers simplify their systems, connect their data, build frictionless automation and thrive in a multi-cloud world. The company fosters inclusive environments that leverage the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of all employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

    For more information about OpenText (NASDAQ/TSX: OTEX), visit

    Postman is an API platform, simplifying each step of the API lifecycle and collaboration. Postman delivers high productivity for you and 25 Million other users, to create better APIs faster. Our Public API Network is the largest API hub in the world.

    Probely’s powerful web application and API vulnerability scanner can detect over 30,000 vulnerabilities, with an industry-leading false positive rate of 0.06%. With Probely, you can easily integrate security testing into your development lifecycle to quickly and efficiently identify and address any vulnerabilities that may arise. Plus, our dedicated support team and detailed instructions make it easy to fix any issues that arise. With Probely, you can be sure that your web applications and APIs are secure and safe from potential threats.

    At Pronovix, we believe that a successful developer portal requires both technical expertise and a strong commitment to the API community. With over six years of experience building developer portals and a focus on promoting and gathering knowledge around API documentation, we’re able to provide solutions that help our clients unlock the full potential of their APIs and drive their developers and business success.

    We offer Tailored & SaaS solutions with a one-stop-shop service package to build beautiful, well-designed, and business-oriented developer portals that build developer trust in our customer brands.

    Scramjet. Access, Transform, Do.
    Data should not be stored in yet another database just to be pulled back with a lot of effort. After collection, it should immediately be delivered to its destination and acted upon.
    At Scramjet we believe that data should reach all the systems, securely and at once. You should be able to access the data from where it physically is, transform it as it flows using a free choice of the tool available in the cloud or otherwise, and finally do business anywhere.
    With Scramjet you can collect data from a local API on one side of the globe and get it delivered on the other just milliseconds later.

    Sendbird is an API-based service that helps developers quickly and easily build chat, voice and video into their apps without sacrificing control over their data or user experience. One hundred forty-five thousand global developers from companies like Paytm, DoorDash, Virgin Mobile, and Krafton trust Sendbird to power more than 7 billion in-app conversations every month! Developers love Sendbird because it helps them deliver in-app chat, voice and/or video for their users in weeks, not months. Plus, developers can focus on building differentiated customer experiences on top of Sendbird’s secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure, which has no hard limits so no chat or call is ever dropped. Sendbird offers SDKs for iOS, Android, Javascript, React, Flutter, Unity, Unreal and .Net to support apps across all major devices and operating systems. We also provide a set of prebuilt UI components to help app developers get to market faster. By adding a conversational layer within the core workflow of the app itself, Sendbird’s customers achieve business objectives such as 75% reduction in booking cancellations, 33% reduction in customer support calls and 8% increase in user retention. At Sendbird, our goal is to put the power of conversations into the hands of every app developer to deliver better user engagement, satisfaction, and customer lifetime value for their business.

    ShipEngine offers the shipping tools you need. Simply sync your integrations and let ShipEngine do all the work. Our shipping APIs can help you through the entire order fulfillment and shipping management process, from shopping rates across 100-plus carriers to validating addresses around the world, printing labels in real-time, and tracking your shipments to their final destinations.

    We are the original geeks of software-defined telecom – developers of the #1 open-source communications platform in the world. Our mission is a simple one. To empower you to build whatever you can imagine utilizing software-defined telecom capabilities. Whether it’s a product, service, application, or enterprise communication tool, we want you to focus on your idea instead of worrying about developing, scaling, maintaining, and of course, overpaying for complex communications technology and services.

    Speedscale is a Y-Combinator backed startup that helps Kubernetes engineering teams build more resilient and performant containerized apps. By using Speedscale’s agents/sidecars to record and playback sanitized traffic, engineers can simulate production conditions, generate load, or mock third party backends modeled after real traffic patterns.

    To learn more, visit

    Traceable is the industry’s leading API Security company that helps organizations achieve API protection in a cloud-first, API-driven world. Traceable is the only contextually-informed solution that powers complete API security – security posture management, threat protection and threat management across the entire Software Development Lifecycle – enabling organizations to minimize risk and maximize the value that APIs bring to their customers. To learn more about how API security can help your business, visit

    Brave is on a mission to build a user-first Web. Their industry-leading privacy browser blocks ads, cookies, and more. Brave Search is the fastest-growing search engine since Bing, serving 650m+ monthly queries. This proprietary index of billions of pages is also available to train LLMs and power AI. More at

    PayPal has remained at the forefront of the digital payment revolution for more than 20 years. By leveraging technology to make financial services and commerce more convenient, affordable, and secure, the PayPal platform is empowering hundreds of millions of consumers and merchants in more than 200 markets to join and thrive in the global economy.

    For more information, visit


    Apiumhub is a software development hub with years of experience applying best practices that help technical teams deliver robust, scalable, and better performing working software on time. Services offered include: web and mobile development, software architecture, DevOps, QA software and test automation.

    Axure RP is the only UX tool that gives UX professionals the power to build realistic, functional prototypes.

    DevITjobs is the first job board built with Software Engineers in mind.
    The main goal of the company is to bring more transparency, openness and diversity to the US IT market.
    DevITjobs is not only for Developers but for everyone working in the IT industry: Engineers, SAP and System Admins, Product Managers, QAs and UX/UI Designers!