2019 Media Partners

CIO Applications (www.cioapplications.com) magazine stands out with its unique approach to learning from industry leaders offering professionals the most comprehensive collection of technology trends. CIO Applications is enabling the businesses to move a step ahead and guiding them towards adopting the best in technology that can assist them in providing seamless and convenient solutions for enhanced customer experience.


ChickTech is a Portland-based nonprofit dedicated to retaining women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of women and girls pursuing technology-based careers.
Girls and women are often discouraged from pursuing technical careers, resulting in only 17.9% of women majoring in computer science, and 56% of women with computer science degrees leaving within the 1st decade of their career.
ChickTech is transforming the culture of technology for girls and women. We facilitate hands-on technology-centric events and programs to build communities, empower girls and women, and provide education and networking opportunities in the rapidly growing technology industry.
ChickTech hosts two signature programs, ChickTech: High School and ACT-W (Advancing the Careers of Technical Women) Conference. ChickTech: High School reaches underserved girls with workshops that inspire them to pursue technology education. ACT-W provides job and networking opportunities and offers hands-on tech and career workshops to support women throughout their careers in technology.


Founded in 1993 and based in Houston, TX, EPS Software/CODE is widely-recognized for advanced technical expertise and the ability to help companies build better software with modern technology. We serve clients worldwide from offices in Houston and Salzburg, Austria, within a variety of industries including oil & gas, information & technology, medical, legal, and a host of others. In addition to writing new applications, we also specialize in legacy conversions, such as Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic 6 and older .NET Technologies, to today’s technologies like WPF, ASP.NET, Cloud technologies, various mobile devices, including iOS and Android and more. Additionally, we train developers with our CODE Training division and we produce CODE Magazine – the Leading Independent Magazine for Software Developers.


Integration Developer News (IDN), launched in 2002, is a leading electronic newsletter for Enterprise IT and business stakeholders working to build, deliver and manage digital transformation. IDN is the leading producer of Multi-Vendor Online Conferences with over 100 events in the past 9 years.


Metis accelerates data science learning for individuals, companies, and institutions through corporate training and accredited, immersive bootcamps.


Nordic APIs is a knowledge-based community for API practitioners and enthusiasts. Our goal is to help companies make smarter tech decisions using APIs. We do this by publishing high impact articles on our blog, written by our writers and API experts, we host regular LiveCasts and API conferences in Europe and North America, we also publish illuminating eBooks. Nordic APIs is headquartered in Sweden, but our reach goes far beyond the Nordic countries, and we welcome people from all around the world into our community. Learn more about us on nordicapis.com


Postgres Conference is an advocacy and education project which primarily hosts a series of non-profit, professional conferences organized by volunteers to bring the best in Postgres and related technology content to the community. In addition to international conferences, Postgres Conference also coordinates digital events and DataDays, offering further education for those in the tech industry. The mission behind it all is “People, Postgres, Data;” this is what focuses every decision and truly sets this conference series apart.


Spinnaker Summit brings together the rapidly growing global community of Spinnaker users – an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence, created at Netflix and used by Google, Armory, Adobe and others around the globe. Spinnaker has been battle-tested in production by hundreds of teams over millions of deployments. It combines a powerful and flexible pipeline management system with integrations to the major cloud providers.


StartUp City is an initiative to help customers find their solutions in a place where they usually do not look at, the world of startups. Because we believe that innovation does not merely flow only from the depths of the big guns in the Silicon Valley to developing firms; it can travel in both directions.StartUp City is the first of its kind independent platform for decision-makers in various industries in the US for trends, news, views, updates, and inside look at the various solutions and much more from the burgeoning startup ecosystem. Through StartUp City Magazine, we aim to bring together investors, accelerators/incubators, CIOs, CEOs, CPOs, and stakeholders with new-age startups under one roof—shedding light on the audacious solutions of functional startups. These solutions have a proven track record of helping companies across verticals, from science to money management, from medicine to technology and from multimedia to e-commerce and a multitude of domains.


The Khronos Group is a member-driven consortium developing royalty-free open standards and vibrant ecosystems, to harness silicon acceleration for demanding graphics rendering and computationally intensive applications such as 3D graphics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Parallel Computing, Neural Networks, and Vision Processing. Khronos was founded in 2000 to provide a structure for industry leaders to safely cooperate in the creation of standards that deliver on the promise of cross-platform technology to advance both their own businesses as well as the industry. Khronos members, companies and universities from around the world, work together to define, document, maintain, and promote innovative APIs, file formats, and other open standards used throughout a cross section of industries.


Women Who Code is an international non-profit organization that provides services for women pursuing technology careers and a job board for companies seeking coding professionals. The company aims to provide an avenue into the technology world by evaluating and assisting women developing technical skills.