Justification Letter

API World 2021 Justification Letter

Thank you for your interest in attending API World 2021!

With over 3,500+ technical leaders, 80+ API exhibitors, 150+ talks, and 10+ networking events, we can promise an experience that will help further your technical education, company goals, and career.

We have created a customizable justification letter that you can submit to your company to aid you in the approval process.

Download the Sample Justification Letter


Subject: Request to attend API World 2021 Conference

Dear [Manager],

API World 2021 takes place October 27 -29, 2021 virtually. The conference is the definitive educational and professional event for API developers and technology managers.

I would like to request your approval to attend API World 2021 with the goal of furthering my education in developer technologies and best practices.

The API World Conference includes 150+ talks from technical leaders at companies such as Google, IBM, Intuit, eBay, Postman, US Bank, Ford Motor Company, Lending Club, Comcast, Vonage, Box, Michelin, RapidAPI, Periscope Data, Cloud Elements and more.

There will be technical workshops and thought leadership talks on the following topics:

API Lifecycle Conference

  • API Strategy / Enterprise Modernization
  • API Design / Architecture
  • API Security
  • API Scalability / Management
  • API Testing / Usability (DX)

API Innovations

  • Internet Of Things APIs
  • Artificial Intelligence APIs
  • Blockchain APIs
  • Emerging APIs

Microservices World

  • Microservices: Service Mesh, Containers, Kubernetes
  • Microservices Design & Architecture

Additionally, API World features networking events, access to a 2-day exhibition, and 1:1 meeting opportunities.

I’m seeking budget approval in the amount of [insert total cost estimate] for the registration fee.

Thank you for considering this proposal.

You can learn more about API World by visiting: https://apiworld.co/

[Your Name]