Conference | October 8 – 10
Hackathon | October 9 – 10
Expo | October 9 – 10

Imagine the Integrated API-Driven Company

October 8-10, 2019 | San Jose Convention Center

Join 3,000 Executives, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

The Definitive API Industry Conference

API World 2019 is the world’s largest vendor-neutral API conference and expo, organizing the API Economy. API World is dedicated to the mission to be independent and facilitate connections, knowledge, trust and business within the developer community of API providers and consumers.

The Largest Microservices Conference

The Microservices Conference inside API World will get you 100% up-to-date on the best practices in Microservices, the rapidly expanding architecture for enabling faster development and robust software design.

Join 300+ developers in Silicon Valley

Come build new Big Data & IoT solutions at the API World 2019 Hackathon: Including special prizes for teams utilizing APIs and IoT technologies.

API World Tracks

Microservices World

Microservices: Service Mesh, Containers, Kubernetes

High scale implementers of microservices—especially those using container-based deployments on Kubernetes—are recognizing the need for dynamic routing, cross-system security policy management, as well as metric collection for message traceability and system observability. These capabilities are the focus of the new class of service mesh solutions that combine service discovery, service proxies and control plane management. The sessions in this track will explore these topics in detail, along with popular open source technologies such as Envoy proxy, Istio and Linkerd. The track will also explore emerging protocols such as gRPC, Apache Kafka, and GraphQL and the role they are playing in the expanding microservice communication ecosystem.

Microservices Design & Architecture

The success of a microservice implementation ultimately comes down to its ability to adapt to change, change that comes at varying speeds in different parts of the overall system. In order to have a resilient system, design thinking is needed at all levels, and especially when designing the APIs that are the coupling mechanism for components in the system. The sessions in this track will explore the methods leading organizations are using to define context maps for their microservice systems, effective boundaries between different domains in the system, and the details of the APIs used for communication between microservices in the system.

API Lifecycle Conference

API Project Management & Success Stories

Hear from Fortune 500’s, thought leaders, and industry experts on their API lifecycle stories. What were their goals in deploying an API, what technologies did they choose, were the APIs public-facing or internat, and how did they measure success on their API initiative?

API Design & Development

API design is not as simple as choosing nouns and verbs for your REST API. How do you model your interface so it hides the complexity of your implementation? How do you determine your service boundaries?. Do you take an SOA or Microservices approach? How do you scale multiple independent services and make changes to the API without disrupting your API users? These are all questions facing API design and will be discussed in depth during this track.

API Strategy

Why should a company publish an API? It may be a new business model, a driver for a developer ecosystem, or it may simplify a more archaic information exchange with customers or partners. This track aims to understand why companies should invest in APIs and how industry leaders are monetizing their APIs today.

API Innovations

OpenAPI / Swagger 3.0 Best Practices

What’s new with Swagger 3.0 / OpenAPI? OpenAPI is becoming a mainstream method for API design and documentation, and we will hear from industry leaders about the best methods for utilizing OpenAPI on your own project.

Internet of Things APIs

This track covers both designing APIs for IoT as well as IoT APIs you can integrate into your application. From security and sensors to location APIs and hardware APIs, the web and the real world are not easily integrated, and Internet of Things APIs make up the glue of the IoT world.

Artificial Intelligence APIs

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is revolutionizing dozens of industry verticals, and you can now utilize AI and machine learning technologies via APIs for instant deployment. This track covers APIs available to developers for data-crunching, predictive analytics, neural networks, ad targeting, and other AI use cases.

Blockchain APIs

Developing with blockchain is difficult, time-consuming, and not very interoperable with other web services. Innovators have produced blockchain APIs for allowing developers to deploy, interact with, and integrate blockchain technologies into their applications. This track covers a new wave of blockchain APIs you utilize in your web application.

Emerging APIs

API World + Integrate: The power of the API-driven economy.

Let’s face it, API is the new IT. We no longer simply buy technology software or hardware, we plug into a growing open ecosystem of API-driven services. API World puts API Innovation, API Design, API Strategy, and API Services on center-stage. We cover topics across Internet of Things API’s (connected cars, connected homes, devices), Marketing API’s, Infrastructure-as-a-Service API’s, and Data and Machine Learning API’s to name a few.


Do you provide private APIs to your internal organization or public APIs to third party developers? The API World Conference can help you optimize these relationships.


Learn how to design, monetize, strategize and market, and scale RESTful APIs to billions of calls. Also, learn how to discover, consume, and manage APIs in a secure environment.


Event workshops will teach you to become a better programmer with APIs including panels and fireside chats with outstanding speakers, tons of developers to exchange knowledge, and close interaction with disrupting API companies.

Who are you?

API Providers

API World 2019 is more than just the preeminent venue for connecting to developers and buyers. Co-located with Integrate 2019, you can connect to thousands of API consumers as well as hundreds of tech companies interested in forming integration partnerships.

API Users

Stop going to generic business software conferences. Smart companies plug into technology products via API. Learn about your options across data-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, communications API’s, and dozens more.

2018 Featured Speakers

Gail Frederick

VP of Developer Ecosystem and General Manager of eBay's Portland Office

eBay Inc.

Kyle Daigle

Director of Ecosystem Engineering


Meredith Hassett

Developer Evangelist


Simi Hunjan

Developer Advocate

Hedera Hashgraph

Rich Chetwynd

Product Manager APIs & Developer Experience


Ravi Dharnikota

Chief Enterprise Architect


Savitha Ajitraj

Senior Product Manager


Abhinav Asthana

CEO & Co-founder


Casey Bleeker

Technical Lead & Developer Evangelist

Cisco DevNet

Mary Cochran

Senior Middleware Consultant

Red Hat

Manish Chhabra

Director of Engineering - API Platform


Vinod Chandru



Bill Doerrfeld

Editor in Chief

Nordic APIs

Haley Fung

IMS Offering Manager


Tony Greening


Ford Motor Company

Renu Motwani

Sr. Director, Product Management

CA Technologies

Cassie Stewart

Product Marketing Manager


Adam Tornes

Senior Product Manager


“As a regular speaker at DevNetwork events, I look forward to engaging with a developer audience whose lives revolve around API’s. I think API World is indicative of the rapid growth and impact of the API ecosystem.”

John Musser – Founder of ProgrammableWeb and API Science

“DevNetwork events are quickly becoming as important to San Francisco data science, as Dreamforce is to the cloud: a vendor-agnostic showcase of technology thought leadership and advancement. The data and API technologies this conference highlights are the foundation for the social, local, mobile world we live in today.”

Andre Bourque – Editor-in-Chief of Technorati

“Being an API conference organizer myself, I’m always excited to partner with API events that are truly vendor-neutral to build a sane industry ecosystem. If you are a developer, API World is one of the top API conferences where you will be able to meet the API industry in talks, workshops or in the exhibition. I look forward to participating in their future events.”

Mehdi Medjaoui – Founder of API Days and Oauth

“DevNetwork events are one of our top tech conferences and does a great job of bringing together strategic partners and API developers! This conference has the right balance of content sessions and networking opportunities. The attendees at DataWeek + API World continually provide innovative ideas that help shape our API strategies.”

Rolando Ramirez – Senior Marketing Manager at Dun & Bradstreet

Last Year’s Attending Companies

Moodys Analytics / Hootsuite / Yelp / Expedia / Realtor.com / State of California / Dolby / Charles Schwab / Zappos / Walmart Labs / Visa Inc. / GoDaddy / NVIDIA / Macys / CareerBuilder / Silicon Valley Bank / RingCentral / Verizon / Salesforce / Accenture / HP / BNY MELLON / KPMG / Cisco Systems / Juniper Networks / Salesforce / Kohls / SAP / PayPal / Apple / Orange / Bofa / AT&T / Capital One / Wipro / CenturyLink Technology Solutions / Dell / PG&E / Samsung Electronics / eBay / Smith Barney / Google / Bosch / Nielsen / Intel / Lenovo / Ames Research / Microsoft / EMC / Merrill Lynch / VMware / Fujitsu / Laboratories of America / Arbonne International / GE / SoftBank U.S. Inc. / Seagate / Panasonic / Intuit / Groupon / Yahoo / Toyota / ThoughWorks / Bank of America / Wells Fargo / LoyaltyOne / BMW North America / Marriott / Ticketmaster / Warner Bros. / Nestle USA / Alaska Airlines / Adobe / Chevron / Alcatel-Lucent / Nissan / US Department of Transportation / LG Electronics Inc. / Facebook / Barnes and Noble / Qualcomm