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  • Your event may fall on any date between November 5-7, 2024.
  • Your event cannot compete with an official API World event. Evenings are recommended.
  • To host a Partner Event, fill-out the host request form.
Guidelines / Instructions

  • You are responsible for all productions and logistics around your event, including procuring venue and vendors, as well as managing registration, food & beverage, content / speakers
  • Partner events should create their own registration so that you can capture registrant leads and manage your capacity
  • Partner events should set their registration capacity at 2.5X the event capacity since on average free API World partner events will see 40% of registered attendees actually show up to the event
  • Partner events are required to list “API World 2024” in the title of their event, and provide a link to prominently within the description of their event
  • Partner events must allow API World pass holders to attend their event for free, since we advertise to pass holders that their passes will get them into all partner events
What types of partner events can you host?

  • Drinkups / Meetups: This is the most popular choice
  • Open House at your office
  • Panel Talk with customers / industry leaders
  • Thought leadership talks from your executives
  • Technical workshops on a hot developer technology
  • Evening Half-Day (Tuesday / Wednesday) Summit
  • Hack Night (Mini hackathon)
  • Hiring Mixer
How We Promote

  • Your event listed on website Events page and print brochure Events schedule
  • Your event will receive a mention on the day that the event is hosted in the morning email to all registered attendees