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API Lifecycle Conference

Though APIs are software, they require unique consideration when integrated within an engineering team;s fotware development lifecycle in order to make the most of their capabilities. Join us as we explore best practices in desiging, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining APIs and the services that support them to ensure your team is maximizing your investments of time and money into your API program.

API Lifecycle Conference Tracks

API Lifecycle Conference

API-First Development

Distributed computing is largely enabled by the communication that occurs between services and the applications they support. Starting with the API design in mind is considered a best practice not only to ensure your team is delivering effective tools and services to your developer customers, but to also allow for parallel development between your own teams as they operate form a common API contract. In this track, we explore the latest in API design best practices, discuss the various APIS protocols and formats and their fit for a variety of use cases, and discuss the processes and tooling that can help your teams build better APIs that deliver value for your organization and your customers.

API Lifecycle Conference

API Security / Compliance

Many organizations balk at first when confronted with the idea of exposing their data as APIs on the open internet. Hardening the security of your APIs can no longer be an afterthought – security and regulatory compliance must be baked directly into their design. In this track, we explore security topics relevant to your API program, highlight the main areas of concern, and surface the processes and technologies that can help your security teams sleep better at night knowing your data and systems are secure.

API Lifecycle Conference

API Design / Architecture

Well designed, well maintained APIs are critical to the success of any API program or distributed computing platform, whether fosued for internal teams or external customers and partners. In this track, we’ll discuss best practices for designing APIs across formats – REST, GraphQL, gRPC, etc. – and explore the architectural considerations to deliver services that remain performant while improving the developer experience.

API Lifecycle Conference

CI/CD / Deployment

The automated building, testing, and deployment of applications and services allows software teams to rapidly deploy new features and rapidly fix software defects while improving the visibility into the development lifecycle for the entire organization. Join us as we explore the benefits of automated deployment, hear how to avoid the pitfalls encountered by those who have come before, and improve the quality of your production code while keeping developers happy and efficient.

API Lifecycle Conference

API Ops, Scalability, Usability (DX), Testing

API success can mean your services are accessed by applications and systems across the globe all day every day. This success brings its own challenges – how do you keep your services performant and efficient as adoption increases? In this track, we’ll explore the technologies and processes that have helped teams keep their services performant regardless of scale while ensuring the APIs your teams deliver are high quality and easily accessible to your target developer audiences.

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