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API Strategy Conference

Organizations across numerous industries have leveraged APIs and distributed computing to expand their offerings, grow their business, and take advantage of new opportunities almost as quickly as they have arisen. Join us as we learn from their experiences to apply their knowledge to help your and your team refine your approach to APIs to strengthen your programs and acheive your goals.

2023 API Strategy Conference Tracks

API Strategy Conference

API Program Management

A successful API program goes well beyond just the services it presents to developers. To realize the gains promised by an API program, organizations must also focus on developer onboarding, technical support, access controls, service segmentation and more. Join us as we explore the best practices and technologies that can help turn your API program into a strategic powerhouse for your organization’s success.

API Strategy Conference

Integration Management

Integrating access to data and functionality between siloed and proprietary systems can deliver value far greater than each system can on its own. In this track, we’ll hear best practices and the latest methods to efficiently connect these systems to help your organization gain a more full of its data, drivign valuable strategic insights to inform decisionmaking and open opportunities to expand your capabilities, cut costs, and increase revenue.

API Strategy Conference

API Case Studies, Success Stories

API programs are transforming not only how organizations interact with their customers, but also how they bring new products and services to market faster to leverage new opportunities as they arise. In this track, we’ll hear from experts what they have learned as they have implemented successful API programs, the processes and best practices that served them well, and the positive business outcomes that result from successful API implementations.

API Strategy Conference

Platform Engineering

Effective APIs and distributed applications are composed from smaller, purpose-built services that are designed for reuse across many use cases. Many teams have adopted a “platform engineering” approach – reorganizing their development teams to focus not on single applications, but platform services that can address a variety of audiences and needs without compromising on code quality. In this session, we’ll discuss how this approach can make your teams more effective, what best practices and technologies help the platform engineering approach more efficient, and the metrics and outcomes that can help you measure your success.

API Strategy Conference

API Leadership Summit

When implemented effectively, APIs and the platforms built from them can allow organizations to more rapidly adapt to changing marketing conditions and take advantage oif new business opportunities as they arise. Join us as we gather API luminaries from across the industry to hear the challenges they have overcome and the practices they have adopted to leverage the power of APIs to transform their organizations.

2023 API Strategy Conference Sessions