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API Innovation Conference

APIs allow developers and the organizations they serve to leverage data and functionality from a variety of sources to better deliver value to their customers by taking advantage of new opportunities and cutting edge technology as they arise. Join us as we journey through the cutting edge of the industry and the APIs that allow you to explore and leverage these new technologies to your advantage.

API Innovation Conference Tracks

API Innovation Conference

Emerging APIs: AI, IoT, Blockchain, Web3, XR

The technology space ie ever changing, with new ideas, techniques, and complete systems contanctly challenging the status quo and expanding the realm of possibility for how we can serve our audiences. Join us as we explore the bleeding edge of our industry through their use of APIs to expose new ways to work with data and functionaltiy to improve the experience for your customers while growing your audience and revenue.

API Innovation Conference

Hybrid APIs, Low Code APIs

The API landscape continues to evolve and expand – there is always something new and fascinating to learn that can help you and your teams better serve your customers. In this track, we’ll explore the topics on the cutting edge that impact your adoption of APIs and the strategies behind them, including AI/ML, Low-code development environments, IoT and device communications, consumer applications, and more.

API Innovation Conference

Industries: Open Banking, Healthcare, Retail

Most digitally mature organizations understand that APIs not only improve the interoperability of the systems that drive their business, they also open opportunities to collaborate with partners and others within their industries to better serve their shared customers while raising the profile and revenue of all involved. In this track, we’ll explore the APIs and best practices that drive the success of leaders within a variety of indsutries while discussing the benefits of integrating services with partners to expand the respective business of each participant.

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