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API World + AI DevWorld 2023 Expo Challenge

How to Play – October 25 & 26

API World + AI DevWorld Expo Challenge: Scan the QR code at 35 Exhibitor booths — get a wireless charger, mini drone, water bottle or more!

Step 1: Search “Gametize” in the iOS (Apple) or Android (Google Play) app store. Download the Gametize app to your mobile phone.

Step 2: Set up your account (Register for a Gametize account using the email address with which you purchased your ticket). **TO REDEEM PRIZES, YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS MUST MATCH YOUR CONFERENCE REGISTRATION EMAIL ADDRESS**

Step 3: In the Gametize mobile app, play challenges by searching “API2023” in the mobile app and click the “API World + AI DevWorld 2023 – EXPO Challenge” game.

Step 4: Once in the game, play the Expo Challenge. Click the ” Continue” button on the bottom of the Expo Challenge.

Step 5: For each booth click the “Do it” button at the bottom of the screen to start scanning booth QR codes. (located at each booth)

Step 6: You must scan 35 booth QR codes [all exhibitors are worth 100 points]

Step 7: Once you have earned 3,500 points, you can claim rewards by swiping back left to the area with your name and point total and clicking “Rewards”.

Step 8: Claim your prize at the Swag Booth in the Expo Hall.

API World + AI DevWorld “Cash” Challenge

Step 1:
Do each of the activities outlined below, and you can earn API + AI CASH (FYI – it’s not real cash!) You may only do each activity once.

Step 2:
You will claim your API + AI CASH at the API + AI CASH Desk in the Lobby.

Step 3:
API + AI CASH can be traded in for different prizes at the Swag Shop located in the Expo Hall.