The Microservices Conference

Microservice architecture continues to grow in both adoption and scope, with organizations of all sizes using this new approach to software engineering in order to increase delivery speed, maintain system safety and achieve remarkable scalability. APIs are the fundamental means by which microservices communicate with each other as well as how they expose their functionality to application clients. This track examines the role APIs play in a microservice architecture through case studies and thought leading presentations.

GraphQL and Emerging Technologies Track

As the API ecosystem expands and matures, innovations abound. In order to solve runtime challenges and help optimize the API development lifecycle, a number of new technologies have been introduced and adopted by leading organizations. This track examines the applicability and value of new technologies such as GraphQL, the OpenAPI specification, Google’s gRPC and protobuf, as well as others.

Integrate: Enterprise API Integrations Track

The Integrate Conference held within API World focuses on the business and technologies of managing enterprise API integrations. Whether you are managing internal enterprise integrations or mashing up APIs in a public cloud, “integrating” requires a lot of best practices around standards, business use cases, and scaling up.

DataWeek: Big Data APIs Track

The DataWeek track of API World focuses on storing, accessing, crunching, and analyzing big data via APIs. This track looks at the most common challenges, technologies, and use cases.

API Design & Best Practices Track

API design is no longer as simple as choosing a SOAP or RESTful architecture. Do you take an SOA or Microservices approach? How do you scale multiple independent services and make changes to the API without disrupting your API users? These are all questions facing API design and will be discussed in depth during this track.

API Business & Strategy Track

Why should a company publish an API? It may be a new business model, a driver for a developer ecosystem, or it may simplify a more archaic information exchange with customers or partners. This track aims to understand why companies should invest in APIs and how industry leaders are monetizing their APIs today.

More Tracks:

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Internet of Things APIs
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