The Microservices Conference

Microservices are the next major leap forward in the API economy. Microservices are a rapidly expanding, modern architecture for breaking single “monolithic” APIs into many smaller API services.  This three-day conference inside of API World will get you 100% up-to-date on the best practices in Microservices.

API Design & Best Practices

API design is no longer as simple as choosing a SOAP or RESTful architecture. Do you take an SOA or Microservices approach? How do you scale multiple independent services and make changes to the API without disrupting your API users? These are all questions facing API design and will be discussed in depth during this track.

API Strategy

Why should a company publish an API? It may be a new business model, a driver for a developer ecosystem, or it may simplify a more archaic information exchange with customers or partners. This track aims to understand why companies should invest in APIs and how industry leaders are monetizing their APIs today.

Integrate: Internet of Things & APIs

This thought leadership summit asks industry leaders about the future of connectivity and integration between the cloud, data, sensors, mobile and people. What new startup opportunities are possible with IoT APIs? What security challenges do we face when everything is plugged into the cloud? What does the integration economy look like?

DataWeek: Data & APIs

In its fifth year, DataWeek is one of the longest-running data innovation summits in the SF Bay Area. It is where hundreds of engineers and executives converge to discuss the newest innovations in Machine Learning, Big Data and APIs.