If you’re a tech company, you are likely publishing or consuming API’s already. API World is the first large-scale conference and expo with the goal of organizing this new API Economy. The API World 2016 Conference and Expo was created with the mission to be neutral and facilitate connections, knowledge, trust and business within the developer community of API providers and consumers.  If you are a coder, a startup or an enterprise that consumes or provides multiple APIs this is your event.

2016 Conference Tracks

API Microservices Conference

This 2-day conference inside of API World will get you 100% up to date on best practices in Microservices. Microservices are a rapidly expanding architecture for breaking down single “monolithic” APIs into many smaller API services. This can be seen as the next major leap of the API economy.


API Design Best Practices Track

API Design is no longer as simple as choosing a SOAP or RESTful architecture. Do you take an SOA or Microservices approach? How do you scale multiple independent services and make changes to the API without disrupting your API users? These are all questions facing API Design.


Hypermedia Summit

Get an introduction or take a deep dive into best practices in Hypermedia for your API design and strategy.


API Specifications Best Practices Track

Hear from industry leaders on the fine art of API Specifications. Who is the audience for my API? What is my long-term strategy for maintaining my API? How will my specifications evolve and how much detail do I need to publish?


Connected Home & Car APIs Track

As more of our world becomes connected to the cloud, there will be more opportunities to plug into our homes, cars, and world around us via API. What can developers do with home & car APIs – and what is the future of environment-as-platform?


Integrate 2016: Internet of Things Track

This thought leadership track asks industry leaders about the future of connectivity between cloud, data, sensors, mobile, and people. What new startup opportunities are possible with IoT APIs? What security challenges do we face when everything is plugged into the cloud?


API Strategy & Monetization Track

Why should a company publish an API? It may be a new business model, a driver for a developer ecosystem, or it may simplify a more archaic information exchange with customers or partners. This track aims to understand why companies should invest in APIs and how industry leaders monetize their APIs.

The 4th year of the DataWeek conference includes talks on the following topics:

Machine Learning: The advance of big data technologies has enabled many ‘machine learning’ practices across industry verticals. What are the newest machine learning technologies?

Open Data Standards: What are the newest initiatives to implement open data standards?

The Data Stack: Companies do not need a data solution, they need many solutions that integrate in their “Data Stack”. What are the layers of the Data Stack, and how do they integrate together?

Database Technologies: From Hadoop to NoSQL, what languages and platforms are making storing / crunching data faster?

Data Visualization: As companies get access to more data, visualizing and communicating that data becomes more important. What are the technologies and best practices for visualizing data?

Technology is less about finding one product and more about integrating solutions together. Integrate 2015 is a series of talks and tracks about your Integration Strategy.

Ecommerce Stack: Discover how integrations enable your ecommerce to become scalable and data-driven.

Marketing Stack: Learn how to implement a solution set that combines topics in online advertising, marketing data, and predictive analytics

Communication Stack: With communication moving to the cloud, what solution sets enable real-time voice / text / communications?

Cloud Stack: “Cloud Stacks” are platforms of technologies that integrate together. What are the Cloud Stack options?

Mobile Stack: How can a company integrate mobile infrastructure, communications, app analytics, and app monetization?

Dev Stack: What tools and technologies do developers need – and how do they successfully integrate together?