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Steven Willmott CEO
Mehdi Medjaoui Executive Director
Zeb Mahmood Director of Product Management
John Musser Founder,
API Science

Founder, ProgrammableWeb

API Types

Health + Fitness API’s

Discover the API's that give you access to health and fitness apps, hospital and EMR technologies, heart rate & medical devices, as well as nutrition & diet information!

Infrastructure API's

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is changing how companies think about IT. Meet the innovators who are building the next generation of infrastructure API's.

Data API's

From news and business intelligence to social activity and trending media, Data-as-a-Service hinges on the new wave of Data API's

Communication API's

As communication switches from hardware and devices to web and mobile, communication API's are the key to real-time chatting and enterprise-scale collaboration.

Internet of Things API's

Yes, your car - your home - your glasses - and anything you can plug into a wifi network or bluetooth connection - will have an API. Plug your app into the Internet of Things!

A lot more API's

API World will also spotlight API's ranging from Analytics API's and Gaming API's to Ecommerce API's and Enterprise Mashup API's!

What's this

API World 2014 is the largest API conference + expo that's 100% dedicated to developers. That means developers can come explore dozens of API's that can augment, analyze, or monetize their apps. We also offer talks about developing API's so your technology can be part of a larger app ecosystem.

Our goal is to place API World at the center of the emerging API Economy. Just as the world wide web is an open network of information that the end user can search and consume, the API Economy is an open network of data, services, and activities that connect technology to other technology. Just as the web makes information connected, API's make technology connected.

Why attend API World?

1 API Strategy: What languages + SDK’s should I prioritize? 2 Browse 100 API’s: Build less, use more API’s. 3 API Security and Scalability: Hear from the industry leaders

Who Attends

Here are some quick facts:

- 75% of attendees at API World have at least some development skills
- The 2 most popular job titles at API World are "C-Level / Partner" and then "Engineer / Developer"
- The most popular dev skills at API World are Javascript, C++, Java, Ruby, Android, iPhone, PHP, and Python
- The DataWeek + API World Expo attracted 2,170 visitors in 2013, where 70 exhibitors across the Data + API space demoed for 2 days