API World 2015 is the nation’s largest vendor-neutral API Conference for developers, executives, and API lovers.

Let’s face it, API is the new IT. We no longer simply buy technology software or hardware, we plug into a growing open ecosystem of API-driven services. API World puts API Innovation, API Design, API Strategy, and API Services on center-stage. We cover topics across Internet of Things API’s (connected cars, connected homes, devices), Marketing API’s, Infrastructure-as-a-Service API’s, and Data and Machine Learning API’s to name a few.

Who are you?

API Providers:

API World 2015 is more than just the preeminent venue for connecting to developers and buyers. Co-located with Integrate 2015, you can connect to thousands of API consumers as well as hundreds of tech companies interested in forming integration partnerships.

API Users:

Stop going to generic business software conferences. Smart companies plug into technology products via API. Learn about your options across data-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, communications API’s, and dozens more.


Do you provide private APIs to your internal organization or public APIs to third party developers?  The API World Conference can help you optimize these relationships.


Learn how to design, monetize, strategize and market, and scale RESTful APIs to billions of calls.  Also, learn how to discover, consume, and manage APIs in a secure environment.


Event workshops will teach you to become a better programmer with APIs including panels and fireside chats with outstanding speakers, tons of developers to exchange knowledge, and close interaction with disrupting API companies.

Featured Speakers

Laura Heritage

Laura Heritage

Director of API Strategy


Komal Mangtani

Komal Mangtani

Head of Business Intelligence


Richard Mendis

Richard Mendis

Chief Product and Marketing Officer


Vas Natarajan

Vas Natarajan


Accel Partners

Chris Purpura

Chris Purpura

Vice President of Digital Enterprise Strategy


Loke Uei Tan

Loke Uei Tan

Senior Manager, Developer Relations


Chris Traganos

Chris Traganos

Director of Developer Relations


James Ward

James Ward

Platform Evangelist



API World is co-located with


Join 1,000+ executives, developers, and data scientists at San Francisco’s largest vendor-agnostic data event.


New for 2015, come learn about partner and ecosystem strategies from the top tech platforms.

2015 Conference Tracks

API Design & Strategy: Learn how to design API’s – and how API’s can fit into your company strategy!

Open Standards: As the universe of API’s expands, creating and adopting standards becomes exponentially important. What are the open standards initiatives?

API Infrastructure: Learn how to implement, scale, and secure API’s with API Infrastructure best practices.

API Discovery: From life and health API’s, mobile and communication API’s, cloud and infrastructure API’s – this track covers the newest API’s within your industry!

Internet of Things API’s: This track covers new technologies and topics around Home API’s, wearable API’s, environment-as-platform API’s, as well as any device / sensor integrations.

Mobile API’s: What are the communication, data, analytics, and infrastructure API’s available to API developers?

Media API’s: This track covers API technologies that enable entertainment, streaming video, streaming music, delivery, distribution, content, and semantics around digital media

Cloud API’s: If you’re hosting your app in the cloud, you should know about the API’s for DevOps / Infrastructure / scalability!

Marketing Stack API’s: How to digital advertising / marketing solutions integrate together? This track covers how marketing technologies add up to your marketing stack.

The 4th year of the DataWeek conference includes talks on the following topics:

Machine Learning: The advance of big data technologies has enabled many ‘machine learning’ practices across industry verticals. What are the newest machine learning technologies?

Open Data Standards: What are the newest initiatives to implement open data standards?

The Data Stack: Companies do not need a data solution, they need many solutions that integrate in their “Data Stack”. What are the layers of the Data Stack, and how do they integrate together?

Database Technologies: From Hadoop to NoSQL, what languages and platforms are making storing / crunching data faster?

Data Visualization: As companies get access to more data, visualizing and communicating that data becomes more important. What are the technologies and best practices for visualizing data?

Technology is less about finding one product and more about integrating solutions together. Integrate 2015 is a series of talks and tracks about your Integration Strategy.

Ecommerce Stack: Discover how integrations enable your ecommerce to become scalable and data-driven.

Marketing Stack: Learn how to implement a solution set that combines topics in online advertising, marketing data, and predictive analytics

Communication Stack: With communication moving to the cloud, what solution sets enable real-time voice / text / communications?

Cloud Stack: “Cloud Stacks” are platforms of technologies that integrate together. What are the Cloud Stack options?

Mobile Stack: How can a company integrate mobile infrastructure, communications, app analytics, and app monetization?

Dev Stack: What tools and technologies do developers need – and how do they successfully integrate together?



“As a regular speaker at DevNetwork events, I look forward to engaging with a developer audience whose lives revolve around API’s. I think API World is indicative of the rapid growth and impact of the API ecosystem.”

– John Musser, Founder of ProgrammableWeb and API Science

“DevNetwork events are quickly becoming as important to San Francisco data science, as Dreamforce is to the cloud: a vendor-agnostic showcase of technology thought leadership and advancement. The data and API technologies this conference highlights are the foundation for the social, local, mobile world we live in today.”

– Andre Bourque, Editor-in-Chief of Technorati

“Being an API conference organizer myself, I’m always excited to partner with API events that are truly vendor-neutral to build a sane industry ecosystem. If you are a developer, API World is one of the top API conferences where you will be able to meet the API industry in talks, workshops or in the exhibition. I look forward to participating in their future events.”

– Mehdi Medjaoui, Founder of API Days and Oauth

“DevNetwork events are one of our top tech conferences and does a great job of bringing together strategic partners and API developers! This conference has the right balance of content sessions and networking opportunities. The attendees at DataWeek + API World continually provide innovative ideas that help shape our API strategies.”

– Rolando Ramirez, Senior Marketing Manager at Dun & Bradstreet