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IBM offers enterprise ready Hadoop for managing big data and extends it with innovative features, including built-in analytics, visualization and security. InfoSphere BigInsights takes the complexity out of big data and is an integral part of IBM Watson Foundations, a big data and analytics platform designed to complement your existing information infrastructure. This means you can get started quickly today and confidently expand to address more complex problems tomorrow.


HP IDOL OnDemand, the human information API platform, delivers a growing catalog of web service APIs that tame unstructured information to deliver Big Data processing capabilities. We’re exposing the capabilities of HP IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer), the world’s leading on-premise human information processing engine, to offer dozens of lightweight, but powerful APIs including text indexing, cloud connectors, search, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and face detection – built for developers to apply human analysis to unstructured text and images embedded in previously inaccessible formats. HP IDOL OnDemand is opening up vast opportunities for developers to unearth the Big Data treasure trove to build a new class of apps. More information about HP IDOL OnDemand is available at


Podio, part of Citrix Systems, is an online work platform with a new take on how everyday work gets done. Podio gives people more power than ever before to manage their work in their own way and is trusted by thousands of teams, companies and organizations worldwide. Podio users create workspaces to collaborate with specific groups of people, use an Employee Network for company-wide communication across departments and locations, and get their work done using Podio Apps. Anyone can build their own Podio Apps without any technical skills, and can choose from hundreds of readily available, free apps in Podio’s App Market. These apps add structure to any business process or project and are connected to social, collaborative activity streams used for commenting and discussion.


Sabre® is a trailblazing technology company leading the way to new opportunities for travel companies and entrepreneurial developers from all industries. For companies looking to build B2C and B2B applications, Sabre® Dev Studio offers a portfolio of services and tools that enables companies to build apps that move the world. Sabre offers the industry’s broadest range of technology solutions, including data-driven business intelligence, mobile, distribution and Software as a Service (SaaS), used by travel suppliers and buyers to plan, market, sell, serve and operate their businesses.


Traitify is disrupting the market of personalization by providing a platform upon which personality can be applied in a visual, mobile, and embedded format. Through a proprietary blend of psychology and technology, Traitify has created a Visual Personality Application that can be used to enrich consumer recommendations and enhance commercial engagement. Traitify’s technology is available via an open API, as well as self-service products.

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AnyPresence is a cloud-based app development platform that securely adapts your enterprise systems to support mobile and emerging smart devices. It is the only solution that dramatically reduces the time and cost of mobile-enabling enterprise business processes, products, and services, with the freedom of 100% portable source code.

The patent-pending AnyPresence platform also includes the ability to generate sample mobile apps from within API management portals, increasing adoption of your APIs throughout your app ecosystem. The platform is easy to use, yet flexible enough to enable source code-level customization or on-premise hosting options.


Based out of Heavybit Industries in San Francisco, Apiary helps teams collaboratively design, prototype, and validate APIs, from conception through deployment.


Use OneNote at home, school and work to capture thoughts, ideas and to-do’s. Find all your notes quickly in the recent view. Your stuff travels with you on your computers, tablets and phones. Get OneNote for any of your devices or use it on the web.

With the OneNote API, reach millions of users with a simple REST API.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.


Bitcasa is the leader in secure and simple cloud storage solutions. Developers, service providers and businesses utilize Bitcasa’s patent pending technology to store, share, and optimize secure storage, all without surrendering their customers data to a third party brand. With globally-regionalized storage and access across multiple devices, the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform provides a File System API to accelerate development and time to market. Bitcasa has customers in more than 140 countries with partners that include Samsung, Huawei and Telefonica. Bitcasa is backed by top-tier investors, including Horizons Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, First Round Capital, Samsung Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. For more details visit or follow us on Facebook or


It is estimated that 80-90% of data in a corporate CRM are out of date. Product uses proprietary structured data sets and matching algorithms to enrich records and bring them current. Concatenated profiles for 2 billion+ individuals sourced from 150+ open web sources. Overlay our data to make better informed sales, marketing and advertising decisions millions at a time.


Golgi is a software defined mobile middleware solution for application developers. Golgi’s SDK is the first of its kind to offer an performance driven platform that solves the difficult tasks of deep linking content, ever changing device connectivity, cross platform compatibility, two-way cloud communication and push notifications with one simple solution. Now Mobile Application Developers can focus their attention on building meaningful applications without the headaches associated to the complex development environments. Let Golgi help you kill the spinning wheel for customers and keep app content fresh!


HackerRank is a platform where developers from all over the world come to solve interesting challenges in different domains of Computer Science for fun, learning, and jobs. It also revolutionizes technical hiring by providing an interactive platform for screening technical candidates with programming challenges. Resumes, GPA, education and work experience do not provide the full picture of a job applicant. By using the HackerRank platform, companies administer coding challenges to applicants during the hiring process and gain an objective metric that allow recruiters to automate early stage candidate screening and save hundreds of hours. Over 1000 companies worldwide, including some of the biggest names in the tech industry are using HackerRank to efficiently hire quality programmers.


Layer 7, a CA Technologies company, helps enterprises and service providers manage APIs across the Web, in the cloud and out to mobile devices. The Layer 7 API Management Suite addresses API security, version management, SLA enforcement, visibility and developer onboarding requirements, in one fully-integrated platform. Enterprises and service providers can expose APIs externally or internally, in a secure, reliable and manageable way, turning the enterprise into an extensible platform. Deliverable on-premise or from the cloud, the Layer 7 API Management Suite is certified to support the most rigorous security needs including PCI, FIPS, STIG and OAuth.


PARISOMA is a space where ideas meet execution.

Founded and managed by the innovation agency FABERNOVEL, PARISOMA is coworking space that hosts and supports 60+ early-stage startups through classes, events and partnerships. Our 400+ community of alumni, mentors and partner organizations makes us a destination for tech, design and entrepreneurship scenes in the SF/Bay Area.

Created in 2008, PARISOMA is located in the heart of the SOMA district in San Francisco.


RightRound specializes in Internet connectivity anywhere, high-density WiFi solutions and video streaming for live events, festivals and conferences. Our goal is to solve technology problems, and make event technology work while making it feel easy and seamless.


Moxtra is a Power Communications cloud platform for real-time engagement via chat, voice calls, to-dos, videos, documents, screen sharing, annotation and voice & visual notes. The Moxtra SDK allows any mobile or web app on any device to integrate Moxtra capabilities with just a few lines of code. Integrating Moxtra into a consumer app brings a new level of stickiness and helps with adoption, usage and virality. Integrating Moxtra into a business app allows teams to engage with each other right in the app to get things done.


As the market leader in enterprise application software, we help companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP applications and services enable more than 253,500 customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

sonicnet is a locally based Internet Service Provider that has been providing cutting-edge technology in the industry for over 20 years. As Account Executives, we work with many start-ups and tech based companies to provide them with the best voice and data services based on their individual business needs.

Our services range from Ethernet over Copper, NxT1, Fiber and Voice products at very competitive price points


API.AI allows software developers and device manufacturers to easily add voice interaction capabilities to apps and devices. With API.AI, developers can define interaction scenarios by giving examples in natural language, or compose more advanced rules using the platform’s knowledge tools and resources.

As an output, API.AI provides structured representation of a user’s natural language requests, and fulfills selected requests by using pre-built domain scenarios. It supports natural language conversation with users in order to better understand what is required, and fulfill subsequent contextual requests.

API.AI supports 9 different languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, and Portuguese. The platform also provides access to pre-built knowledge libraries that simplify integration and enrich interaction scenarios.

Machine learning algorithms, applied to interaction logs and user rules, allows API.AI to routinely improve system quality on the fly.

API.AI is a one-stop-shop solution that includes speech recognition, natural language understanding (NLU), and text-to-speech.


Startup Product Academy brings you Product Week SF November 20-23, 2014 Engage in 4 days of experts, workshops and hands-on prototyping to discover what it takes to achieve product excellence across all product touch points starting with The Product Summit and ending with ProductCamp SF unconference.


Zipkick personalizes the travel search and booking experience. With such limited space on mobile devices, Zipkick can calculate the most relevant options, thus removing the clutter of irrelevant search results and provide information that caters to each user’s way of traveling. People now have the ability to find what matters to them through a simplistic and repeatable process.

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APIMatic is a developer tools startup with the focus on increasing productivity of web API consumers. APIMatic’s automatic code generation technology generates API Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) or client libraries for a wide variety of development languages.

APIMatic frees API providers from maintaining the entire collection of SDKs, instead maintaining a single language-independent specification shall be enough. This allows generating and updating SDKs without any programming effort.


Our sole purpose at APLAZ is to provide Simple Outsourced HR solutions to small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners that minimizes employment headaches and reduces costs!

Statistics have proven, that out clients, have increased Annual Revenue by up to 47%. That is because they recapture a lot of their most valuable resources (“TIME and MONEY“) That is then re-focused back into their core-money-making business activities!

Our solutions are complete, easy, and technologically-advanced! Moreover, our service is cost effective, and always ahead of the competition all backed by unequaled customer service!


Axway, a market leader in governing the flow of data, is a global software company with more than 11,000 public- and private-sector customers in 100 countries. For more than a decade, Axway has empowered leading organizations around the world with proven solutions that help manage business-critical interactions through the exchange of data flowing across the enterprise, among B2B communities, cloud and mobile devices. Our award-winning solutions span business-to-business integration, managed file transfer, operational intelligence, API and identity management, and email security– offered on premise and in the Cloud with professional and managed services. Axway is registered in France with headquarters in the United States and offices in 19 countries.


Empire is an API for accessing enterprise SaaS services such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Apps, etc. It provides a uniform, database-like interface to every service that it supports. Empire makes it easy to integrate data from multiple enterprise services into your own enterprise app.


Our goal is to democratize web APIs, making it as enjoyable and efficient as possible for all stakeholders, project managers, architects and developers. Restlet is a company created in 2008 with offices in the Silicon Valley and Europe.

Our products:

  • Open Source Web API Framework Restlet Framework is the leading RESTful web API framework for Java. Its unique Java API is available on both client and server sides, in six consistent editions: Java SE, Java EE, Android, GAE, GWT and OSGi.
  • APISpark is the cloud service of the Restlet platform. Create your API from scratch on the platform or complete your Restlet-based web API with always up-to-date API documentation, auto-generated client SDKs, user management, API firewall and usage reports.


No more repetitive tasks for busy Entrepreneurs. is the easiest automation gateway for online Apps, with seamless integrations for more than 200+ services.

No need for a custom IT development, connects all your online Apps together in one click.

Automation examples:

  • Smart Accounting: Accounting made easy! fetches and uploads your Bills to your Accounting App automatically.
  • Client invoicing: Processing online payments? connects your Payment Gateway and your Invoicing App to generate automatically invoices for your clients.And a lot more!


Expect Labs is the creator of the MindMeld API, the first developer platform capable of powering intelligent voice experiences for any app, device or website. Companies use this platform to create voice-driven assistants that understand what users say and automatically find the information they need before they have to type a search query. Expect Labs has been widely recognized as a leader in the field of anticipatory computing and was named by MIT Technology Review as one of the world’s “50 Smartest Companies” of 2014. Developers can learn more and start building intelligent, voice-driven apps for free at


Here at, we are building the products that help connect the applications, services, and devices that people work with in their daily lives. We believe that software should make your life easier by cooperating on your behalf to help you get things done.


Mailjet is a powerful all-in-one email service provider that not only enables our customers to send transactional and marketing email to their contacts but also better understand them, email after email.Our intuitive tools and powerful APIs give senders the right amount of analytics to get the most value from each contact, for each campaign, and reach each inbox.


In our past as consultants, we’ve written hundreds if not thousands of REST services. We love getting the resource design just right to get a beautiful API. Of course, a great API is worth nothing without great documentation. That’s why we created MireDot: the world’s most advanced REST API documentation generator for Java. MireDot only takes 5 minutes to setup, plugs into your build system and deeply analyzes your code to generate perfect documentation. And it doesn’t stop there. MireDot also detects implementation errors in your Java code such as duplicate resources and missing parameters.