Media Partners

Media Partners

Java Code Geeks (JCGs) is an independent online community focused on creating the ultimate Java to Java developers resource center; targeted at the technical architect, technical team lead (senior developer), project manager and junior developers alike. JCGs serve the Java, SOA, Agile and Telecom communities with daily news written by domain experts, articles, tutorials, reviews, announcements, code snippets and open source projects.

Tech Target identifies and influences the buyers who are in market for your solutions. We empower decisive action and help with strategy and execution to drive the effectiveness you seek. TechTarget’s integrated always-on capabilities turn marketing into competitive advantage for clients around the world.

The Data Incubator is a full-stack data science education company. Delivering the most up to date data science curriculum available, we offer introductory online data science courses, corporate training, our free data science Fellowship, and a curated talent pool of highly qualified, vetted, and trained Data Scientists.

Xapix. Access, connect, and monetise mobility data. Easier than ever. Connected vehicle company Xapix is building a software that lets businesses create simple, modern, and easy-to-integrate connections between existing and new systems in the form of APIs. The software is significantly faster, more flexible, and more powerful than traditional approaches to data transformation, normalization, and integration, using the power of automation so that businesses can collaborate with hundreds of partners instead of only a few.

Community Partners

Everthere partners with the world’s leading events to add value to both the attendee and sponsor journey by sharing personalized offering that drives unparalleled in-event digital engagement.

Nordic APIs. In 2013, Nordic APIs was formed to help organizations become more innovative, lean, and efficient. Since then, Nordic APIs has grown into one of only a few all-API-related event series held anywhere in the world, and it’s the Nordics largest international community for API practitioners and enthusiasts. Through the global reach of our blog and digest we’re connected to tens-of-thousands of API practitioners from around the world, and through our API events held around the world, we’re helping companies make smarter tech decisions using APIs and inspiring better API solutions.